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3 Tips to Improve Your Side Kick


3 Tips for Improving your Side Kick


1. Use Your Standing Foot

To do a sidekick properly you must turn your standing foot through 180°

This means that when you strike the target the toes of your standing foot point backwards.

You need to turn your standing foot for two reasons.

The turn allows your hips to open up so your foot can strike the target in the correct position.

It’s the turn of your standing foot that creates the power in side kick.

As your foot turns you can push off it. This lets you use your powerful hip, bum and core muscles to drive your kicking foot out. So you turn power from the ground into power going forwards into the kick.


2. Keep Your Knee Up

So if you lift your knee to waist height at the beginning, your knee should be at waist height when your foot is on the target and waist height when you re-chamber your leg.

If you let your knee drop your kick will not go horizontally through the target. Also if your foot is higher than your knee you put strain on your knee and your back.


3. Hip mobility and hip strength are the two things to work on to improve your side kick

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