Martial arts for kids and adults located at Slough, Langley, Reading, Coley, Wimbledon and Wokingham

About Us

About the KickFit

Training System

KickFit was founded in 1991 by Ken Pankiewicz when he opened the first KickFit school in Slough. Since then, the KickFit brand has continued to grow and now consists of five schools, located in Slough, Langley, Coley, Wimbledon and Reading.

At KickFit there is a strong emphasis on retaining students and we love to see students progressing from martial arts beginners right through to achieving their Black Belt. We currently have over 600 students training at Black Belt level.

Key KickFit Facts

Kickfit Instructors


Ken Pankiewicz leads a team of instructors who focus on teaching children a variety of martial arts skills alongside lessons in building a healthy lifestyle for the future. Our assistant instructor team is made up of many past KickFit students who have completed a structured training programme ready for a leadership role.

Our professional instructors receive ongoing weekly training to provide the very best experience for every student. In addition, every KickFit instructor holds a Black Belt teaching qualification, an enhanced CRB check and a First Aid qualification.

What Makes KickFit Different

KickFit is different to many other martial arts schools as our classes focus on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. So alongside, martial arts training, we offer students the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. For our kids and teens this can include lessons in building confidence, managing finances, or staying safe online. Meanwhile, for adults, we focus on topics such as mindfulness to enhance emotional wellbeing.

In our kids and teens lessons, a popular part of the class is the ‘message of the week’ where we look at different themes to help young people move towards the next stage of their lives with confidence and positivity.

The KickFit Syllabus

KickFit offers a unique blended syllabus, featuring five martial arts styles: Tae Kwon-Do, Kenpo Karate, Filipino Escrima, Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. By blending these five styles, we offer a well-rounded workout that draws on different disciplines to maximise health and wellbeing.

Here’s an overview of the different martial arts classes
available at KickFit schools in Slough, Reading and beyond.

Karate for Kids in slough

Kids Karate Classes

For Kids Ages 4-6 & 7-12

With a blend of traditional and contemporary martial arts, KickFit offers a range of exciting classes for kids of all abilities and fitness levels. Each class combines martial arts training with positive life lessons to help young people develop control, respect, confidence and self-esteem.

karate for teens

Teens Karate Classes

Teens 13-16yrs

Our teenage years can bring many exciting opportunities as well as a number of challenges. With KickFit by their side, teens can get fit and have fun in a supportive environment while learning valuable life lessons to help make the journey towards adulthood easier. 

Adults Breaking Board Karate

Adults Karate Classes

For Adults over 17 Years

No matter what your age or fitness level, you’ll find a warm welcome at KickFit with a range of programmes for adults. Whether you already have martial arts experience or are a complete beginner, our adult programmes help you optimise physical fitness while sharpening mental focus.