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Are You the Next KickFit Instructor?

Are you the next Future Leader?

Are you the Next Future Leader?
Do You Love your martial arts training?
Are You Reliable and a good time keeper?
Do You Want to inspire others?
Do You Want to Join the Future Leader Team?
I’m so proud of The Future Leader programme. This is separate training to the regular martial arts class.
Ask your instructor for Course Details and Application Form – Closing Date 15/10/23.

The Programme teaches KickFit students leadership skills that cover the importance of body language, tonality when speaking, proactive mindsets and collaborating as a team. They practice teaching skills used by all Senior Instructors and gives them the confidence to lead a class. These valuable skills are useful for further school studies, work or Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to share a structured course covering the skills that have built KickFit’s reputation for quality over the last 30 years. Skills that will help every young person to be successful. I always love seeing the joy on their faces when they reflect on the wins, they have gained from Leadership Training and how far they have come.
Students must be Green Belt or higher with an outstanding attendance record to apply via their instructor.

“A martial arts instructor helps people understand the philosophy and history of KickFit martial arts and teaches them the skills needed to take part safely. They train students in combat techniques, mostly for recreation or for self-defence. They develop individual training programs for their students, coach the students, develop and practice their own skills, ensure a safe and healthy training environment for their students, observe and assess students and offer feedback on their progress.”