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Be the Best Version of You

Be the Best Version of You

Here are three habits that Kyoshi Pankiewicz knows would be good for everyone, athlete and non-athlete, Martial Artists, and those individuals that haven’t yet made the move to become the best person they could be.

1. Hydration – There are so many reasons for this one. The best deal with short term and
long term health and energy level. Even the slightest state of dehydration can have dramatic negative impact on your performance.

2. Spirited Repetition – You are well aware that it takes tons of repetition to master any skill that is worthy of your effort and energy. However, there is a difference in doing your reps in a good spirited manner versus doing it in a manner of drudgery and dislike.

3. Positive Recovery – As humans, we are not perfect, even though some of feel we are close. The reality is, we all make mistakes and/or we all deal with challenges and setbacks. The way you deal with them, will determine how quickly and thoroughly you recover.

As Black Belt Champions, everyone of us is striving to improve. We want and expect peak performance from ourselves.
I’m sure you would agree, the three habits mentioned above may benefit you in your quest to be “your best version of you.” Good Luck!