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Benefits of Boxing & Kickboxing for Kids

Kids Kickboxing

Give your child a gift that will support their success for the rest of their lives: martial arts training. Children are the source of the best possible future for this planet and humanity. It is up to us to give them the resources to be the best possible version of themselves and live their happiest lives. Martial arts, including boxing and kickboxing, forms a key part of their success. Here are reasons why kickboxing schools in Reading, Slough, Langley Wimbledon and Wokingham benefits kids.


Explaining The Benefits of Boxing & Kickboxing for Kids

We all see the impacts (positive and negative) of parenting choices in the adults that we meet in life. Giving our precious kids the skills and strengths that will support them and amplify their inherent strengths throughout their lives is a great choice. Martial arts, including boxing and kickboxing, has a tangible impact on their happiness and success.

The exercise component develops stamina, a stronger immune system and confidence from feeling physically stronger. It even improves problem-solving in subjects like maths and physics because of an enhanced 3D space perception. Boxing and kickboxing are among the most comprehensive cardio-vascular workouts which strengthen the entire body from top to toe.

Participating in a group activity develops children’s social skills and teaches them how group dynamics work best. It also teaches them to trust and to be trustworthy.

In addition, they learn the rewards of self-discipline and the lifelong gift of knowing how to artfully handle conflict resolution. They gain huge confidence in knowing how to achieve self-rewarding results without conflict. This will help them in school, work, crisis, and personal relationships.

Martial arts training has shown fantastic results with children with complex syndromes such as ADHD, Aspergers and other sensory syndromes. They grow to learn how to control their minds and bodies as well as the benefits of perseverance and “stick-to-it-ness”.

With bullying and intense peer pressure on the rise, martial arts, boxing and kickboxing training empower your child with a protective barrier that keeps them safe when they are away from you.

The History Of Boxing And Kickboxing

Martial arts have been developed from various sources over thousands of years. It started with wrestling and the knowledge of using the kinetic energy of your opponent as well as boxing. Records in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Ancient Egypt show wrestling and boxing as far back as 3000 BCE.

Modern martial arts probably evolved from the mixing of cultures through trade and war between Asian cultures, including China and India. Thanks to the Chinese General Sun Tzu records, we have a deep insight into the large-scale development in the philosophy, strategy and training of martial arts, boxing and kickboxing three to five centuries BCE.

Martial arts as a sport developed in the 1800s, and as its benefits to personal growth became more widely known, its popularity has soared.

We all know that a person who feels good about themselves is in a powerful position to live a happy and successful life. So what better gift to give to a child than that?

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