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Bring a Friend to Karate this Week

Bring a Friend to Class
Next Week, you can invite a friend to take class with you. There’s no better feeling then sharing with others, the amazing benefits you have received from your martial arts classes. Here’s the top four benefits that our KickFit students enjoy at every class. Imagine being able to train together and push each other to greater levels of fitness, confidence and skill level. Contact Us Today
1. Better Fitness (Warm Up, Pad work Monthly Fitness test)
2. Improved Co-ordination (Forms Practice, Line Work, Using both side of the body)
3. Weight Control (Pad Work, Message of the week, Exercise / Warm Up, Monthly Fitness Test)
4. Self Defence Skills (Self Defence, Pad work, Message of the week, Blocking Set & Targeting Set)
Inviting your Friend to class is quick and easy
1. Give Buddy Form to your friend’s parent for completion.
2. Plan to attend Basic class together.
3. Hand in completed and signed form before class starts.
4. Enjoy being instructor for the day.