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Commitment quote

‘Without commitment you will never start, but more importantly without consistency, you will never finish.’ Denzel Washington

After setting a goal you then need to figure out the small steps that it takes to achieve that goal. In Martial Arts the ultimate goal is Black belt and the steps to take to achieve that are repetition of techniques through consistent weekly training.

It takes strength and perseverance to be consistent especially when you don’t see instant results or there is so much to pull on your time and thoughts. Consistency can be tedious and dull as some days you will not feel like training those are the days you need to train the most as there are no shortcuts in life.

To remain consistent keep the reason ‘why’ you want to achieve your goal foremost in your mind and schedule training times into your weekly timetable and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your commitment to train.
You may encounter obstacles along the way with training such as figuring out some moves in a form or getting better at sparring footwork. If you do then you can book in for a private one on one lesson with an instructor. Private lessons are not there to just make up stripes due to a lack of consistent training but to help solve a problem with your martial arts training.
Repetition will ensure you memorise the moves by burning them into the neural-pathways of the brain and into muscle memory then your brain and body become accustom to the moves and you get faster at executing them. When you practice the moves over and over again the brain sees the correct form and can go to the correct position instantaneously.

Repetition is how you learn sound principles. You learn them mentally first, see the logic of them, then practice them so the body understands them. You practice moves in a way that is most economical, no extra movement and you align the body and its parts correctly to make your moves effective.

Only through consistent training will you achieve your goals.