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Creating Confident Karate Masters

Creating Confident Karate Masters

From a very young age, it is important to start building up your children’s confidence. This can start with kind and constructive words when they do everyday things well. While these words and exchanges may seem small, they make a huge impact on children and their confidence. But if you’re searching for another way to build their confidence, look no further than karate! How does karate for kids build confidence? Here are three ways!


Confidence In Kicks

Luckily for your child, training doesn’t start off gruelling and torturous. Kids may begin lessons at the age of 4, and with ample guidance from the teacher, they can begin to build their self-esteem with each session. After the lessons, it is encouraged to ask your child to demonstrate what they have learnt and give them lots of “oohs” and “aahs” to keep them going. While coddling your child is not the goal, getting them to feel comfortable in these basic new actions is enough to start the ball rolling!


Confidence In Abilities

Karate is not just about fighting. Throughout a karate career, an individual will experience immense growth in their skill level, fighting capabilities and connection to their body. Facilitating a child who is comfortable in their mind-body connection is a great gift. Not only does karate require physical skill, but it also requires quick reaction times and a fast mind to process how to react correctly. Building up these abilities, and rounding off your child in many aspects, allows karate to become a facet for overall development.


Confidence In Life

Karate may seem like one facet that doesn’t particularly overflow into life, but this cannot be further from the truth! As your child begins to believe in themselves and, over time, retain this confidence in their ability to learn and evolve, they may begin to apply the work ethic achieved to other areas of life, such as in school work and other sports. Therefore, karate creates a more confident, well-rounded child.


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