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Do You Have Exams Soon

Remember, exercise and continued martial arts training should be part of your revision timetable.

Attending class, will allow you to focus on some “me” time, decompress and be ready for the next revision round.
University studies show a direct relationship between high quality physical activity and increased mental focus.

Here are 5 Top Tips to Help with Exam Preparation
1. Don’t Panic. Sound advice from the authors of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Last minute flapping will do you no good at all, and the time to prevent it is now.

2. Plan Ahead. Think of the relative amounts of work that you need to do for each topic. Only you will know this: be honest. Don’t be tempted to spend more time than you need to on subjects you enjoy at the expense of those you don’t.

3. Stock Up. Lack of supplies is a feeble excuse. Have all the textbooks and notes you need, but also make sure you have the necessary pens, paper, folders and so on. Don’t forget marker pens, sticky notes and larger sheets of paper.

4. Hit the Ground Running. You are at your most mentally alert first thing in the morning. Start with the subjects you find most challenging and aim to get the bulk of the day’s hard work out of the way before lunch.

5. The Knowledge Nightcap. If you have planned carefully, evenings should be free. But many actors find that lines learnt last thing at night stay in the mind, and it may be useful to commit and few quotes or formulas to memory just before turning in. Don’t overdo this: aim to build up a stock of little snippets at a time.