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Don’t Stop Believing

Dont Stop Believing

The end of the year is almost upon us, train hard and finish strong.

Do what- ever it takes to maintain momentum. Allow nothing and no one to get in your way.

Martial Artists finish strong, we don’t fade away.

Be mindful of your dark side, for as well as being our own best friend we can also be our own worst enemy.

The enemy within will lie to you and feed you excuses, seducing you into making easy choices, leading you down the path of mediocrity.

The dark side within will give you plenty of “reasons” why you can’t see something through, it can be very inventive and persuasive.

See through this falsehood and just get on the mat, just walk into the dojo, just keep going. This is an opportunity to nurture the drive and will power that will deliver great things to our door.

Excuses are the refuge of the weak, we will not accept them, instead we will demand great things of ourselves and let others watch us grow.

So just keep training, never stop.

This is what makes us different.