Martial arts for kids and adults located at Slough, Langley, Reading, Coley, Wimbledon and Wokingham

Fitness, Agility, Confidence for Your Child

Fitness Agility Confidence for Your Child

My Name is Ken Pankiewicz and I’m the founder of KickFit Martial Arts schools. It’s my mission to teach your children the best personal self-defence skills I know, things they can and will use to protect themselves should they ever step into harm’s way.

I’ll teach them the best kind of physical martial arts skills I am capable of and use that practice to help develop their coordination, strength, overall fitness, and I will do everything I can to give them a deep appreciation for the value and power of physical training.

So that they stay as agile, fit, and capable as they can be, for their lifetime.
I know that to be no small gift: fitness, agility, and physical health.