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Flying Start to January 2021

Flying Start to January

Wow! We have had an amazing first week of 2021. It’s been great to see so many KickFit students on Zoom once again. I know that training on Zoom comes with many challenges but you have embraced the martial arts spirit and overcome these. We can’t wait for the day we can see you back in-person lessons at your KickFit venue.

I want to thank our parents for helping to get their child on-line ready for class. You have been able to turn your home into a school, workplace, restaurant, martial arts dojo, playground and safe family space. Thank you for embracing this “new normal”. You definitely have earned a special award for going above and beyond.

To our adult members I encourage you to stay strong, you can do this. Your martial arts training gives you that boost you need. Physically you feel better after every workout and mentally the endorphins released give you a positive uplift. There is a satisfaction as you learn and practice each new martial arts technique required for your belt grade.