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Founder of KickFit Aces 8th Dan Black Belt Examination

8th Dan Black Belt image

Earning this new belt represents 40 years of martial arts training. It represents the greatest achievement of my life to date.
My whole life has been dedicated to training and teaching and inspiring the next generation of instructors, masters and grand masters.
I remember my very first day of Taekwondo-Do training like it was yesterday. After that first class, I knew I wanted to be an instructor.
I have a passion to share the martial arts benefits with everyone in my community. Earning my 8th Dan Black Belt  rank gives me greater drive and determination to continue to spread this message.

Our “instant now” culture hides the fact that anything worth striving for takes time, effort and struggle. My one legacy to give the next generation of students is that your training is for life. Allow your skills to adapt and change as you adapt and change through life.
My personal struggles are all continued in this new belt and tying it around my waist everyday reminds me that I am determined and focused and didn’t let distractions get in the way of my training.

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the honour of earning my 8th Dan Black Belt.
I am grateful to the mentorship of GM Zulfi Ahmed, GM Kazi Muhammad Qais, Senior Masters, Masters and Black Belts at Bushi Ban International.
Their support and encouragement has been unwavering and provided a beacon of inspiration to me.

In 1998 I first met Hanshi Dave Kovar he inspired me to start multi-style martial arts training and opened my eyes to a more holistic way of running my martial arts schools. His patience and expertise has shaped me as a martial artist and I am forever grateful.

The Senior Master instructor team at KickFit Martial Arts are the rock which allows me to continue my passion for martial arts. I bow in deep gratitude and thank you for all your support and encouragement.

It was a great feeling to be able to have Shihan Richard Howton carry my new belt down the kukri tunnel.
I am reminded of this Chinese proverb “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” I am slow and steady but will always make progress. Osu

Board break on both arms