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Get Ready, New Syllabus on the Way

Get Ready New Syllabus on the Way

Get Ready … It’s Week 1 …. Means New Syllabus.
Released On-Line this Wednesday 🎯📮
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** Here’s How Your Martial Arts Syllabus is Taught **
Your syllabus is organised into 5-week teaching blocks.
Each block is focused on a specific martial arts lessons.
For example: open hand form, weapons skills, Kenpo self-defence.

Each block also has a specific set of kicking and punching skills performed on focus or Thai pads. These skills are carefully selected to work alongside the martial arts skill being practiced.

The Instructor team will teach a total of ten, 5-week syllabus blocks in a calendar year.

At Black Belt, the syllabus blocks are arranged in 10-week blocks, to cover more in-depth martial arts skills. A total of 5 blocks are taught in a calendar year. 🥋👊

In 2021, KickFit Martial Arts schools will celebrate its 30 year anniversary with a Grand Martial Arts Spectacular.
KickFit has been voted UK Martial Arts schools of the year for the last 3 years in a row.