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Going Beyond Black Belt

Going Beyond Black Belt

Many people think that reaching Black Belt is the ultimate level.

Although it is a great achievement, your martial arts training shouldn’t just stop there.

I want to remind you that the Best Training Starts after you earn your Black Belt.

Think of it like climbing a mountain. Going up, all you can see is just a few feet in front of you and it can be tough going at times. This is like training towards Black Belt.

As you reach the top of the mountain, you start to see more; the road could go down, stay flat or there could be more to climb. This is like reaching your Black Belt because at that level there is so much more training available to you.

Keeping your fitness and flexibility going into your adult life will be a major help in staying injury free and helping you to keep healthy.

Remember as your instructor, I am here to encourage you to achieve more than you though you could.