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Help Your Child Make Better Choices

Help your child make better choices

Back to school, means back to a regular routine. This can mean some “testing of the boundaries” by your child. Here’s a few tips that KickFit instructors use with students ages 6 to 9 years.
While you don’t want to have long drawn-out conversations that shame your child for misbehaving, brief chats about how to make better choices can be instrumental in helping your child learn.

Your child will be looking to you to learn how to deal with his emotions and difficult social situations so it’s important to stay calm when you’re communicating. Here are some strategies that communication tips that can help with your discipline plan:

Problem-solve together: When your child exhibits specific behaviour problems, sit down and problem-solve the issue together. School-age children can be very honest about what would help resolve the problem. Ask questions like, “This is the third time you’ve forgotten your homework. What would help you remember?”

Explain your rules: Provide a simple explanation for the reasons behind your rules. Talk about safety, health, morals, or social etiquette. Then, your child will understand you aren’t simply trying to make his life miserable, but instead, you want the best for him/her.

Encourage your child to express his feelings: Teach your child that feelings are OK. It’s what he/she does with those feelings that matters. Encourage him /her to express himself in healthy ways, by drawing, talking, or writing.