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How Adult Martial Arts Classes Benefit Body And Brain

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If you thought adult martial arts classes were all about punching and kicking and maybe they were not for you, think again because the benefits are far reaching. Apart from learning invaluable self-defence skills, martial arts can boost your overall physical and mental health and help sharpen your focus. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, read on to find out exactly how this form of exercise can help your body and brain.


You may have heard fitness experts speaking about the value of building lean muscle. Karate is a perfect combination of cardiovascular exercise and muscle building which promotes weight loss but also makes you fit and strong. Combat training increases muscle strength and toughens the body against impact. Teens and adults are encouraged to take martial arts classes to prevent weight-related issues such as insulin resistance, obesity, high cholesterol and to promote overall heart health. Research shows that regular movement and high-intensity exercise has innumerable health benefits for all ages.


A martial arts mindset is one of discipline and focus, so by joining adult martial classes in your neighbourhood, you will be doing yourself a great favour. The traditional Japanese form of karate teaches mental resilience in the face of challenges. As part of a class, you will follow an instructor or ‘sensei’ who commands respect, obedience and concentration from his students, thus improving self-discipline. The art of dodging your opponent while sparring improves your reflexes and mental agility. For teens and adults, this can help with concentration in their studies and at work, leading to an overall sense of clarity and healthy living.


KickFit Academy has been helping people to increase their levels of fitness and focus for over 30 years. We offer teen and adult martial arts classes for ages 14 and up. In these classes, you can look forward to boosting your confidence, self-esteem and strength while achieving your personal goals in a safe, professional environment. If you are eager to challenge yourself and rejuvenate your body and mind, get in touch with us. We offer classes in Slough, Reading, Wimbledon, Langley, Coley and Wokingham.