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How Do I Test For My Next Tip or Belt

Test For My Next Tip or Belt

The same syllabus is taught for 5 weeks. In the Basic and Little Champion programmes, it takes 10 weeks to move to the next belt level.  Week 4 is black tip testing for students with 1 red tip around their belt. The following week 5, the rest of the group will then test. Students should make a minimum of 6 classes per month to be eligible to test.


At basic level we reward effort more than skill. The student will still pass a test with several mistakes. At this level the instructor is getting the student to create a habit of coming to class regularly, twice per week.  Students are tested against their own potential rather than against other members of the group.


Intermediate grades require 3 tip tests, Advanced grades 4 tip tests. At this level, it is normal for some intermediate and advanced grade students to require several attempts to pass a test.  Parents should always come in for testing week when the instructor will have specific feedback to give you.