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How to Improve Your Front Kick

How to Improve Your Front Kick
  1. Your foot position is very important for an effective front kick. You’re aiming to strike through the target with the ball of your foot.
  2. To get this right try pointing your toes like a ballerina. Then pull your toes back while leaving your ankle in the same position. So your foot is extended but your toes are back.
  3. It might take you a while to build up the strength in your foot to do this. You can try practicing while you watch TV.
  4. Try to achieve this foot position as early as possible in the kick. Ideally by the time your knee is chambered your foot is in the right position.
  5. To get more power in the kick you need to use your hips. Your front kick should penetrate forwards into the target. To do this with power you need to drive your hip forwards into the kick..
  6. Your standing foot needs to rotate. This helps you to use your hip properly. As your kicking leg comes through allow your standing foot to naturally turn outwards about 45 degrees.
  7. Keep your knee up through the kick. It’s important that your knee doesn’t drop down until your foot has come back.