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I’m Ready for School

Im Ready for School

*** There is no better feeling than earning your Black Belt. ***
The day you put your Black Belt around your waist will show others that you have intense focus and perseverance to stick to a long term goal.

As school starts back, it may be tempting to start a new activity and drop martial arts training. I want to remind you of your commitment to reach Black Belt. It is an achievement you will feel proud of for the rest of your life,

Martial arts training improves your concentration and focus through practice of forms and self-defence skills.
Sparring and exercises improve your fitness, coordination and flexibility.
You build friendships and learn how to socialise with others when you attend lessons at KickFit.

At KickFit, there are many students that successfully combine martial arts training with school work and other activities.
In fact, many of them say how beneficial martial arts training is to their school work and other physical activities.

KickFit instructors are experts in their field. Our specialty is working with young kids, improving their confidence and self-esteem, and teaching them life skills.
Most importantly, we do it in a safe fun filled atmosphere for learning. Kids just love it!”