Martial arts for kids and adults located at Slough, Langley, Reading, Coley, Wimbledon and Wokingham

Kids and Adults

Karate Classes in Coley, South Reading

KickFit in Coley, South Reading offers a friendly and supportive environment where kids can learn martial arts skills.

With our Junior classes for ages 6-12 and our Cadets classes for ages 12-14, kids will keep fit while developing life skills like confidence, self-control and discipline.

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Kids Karate for ages 6-12yrs

Kids will love developing new skills with exercises and techniques tailored to their physical abilities. As well as improving fitness, they’ll learn about positive behaviour, all while having fun in a family-friendly environment. 


Teens Karate for ages 12-14yrs

Our Cadets programme teaches older kids a wide range martial arts skills as well as focussing on emotional development. Kids will learn strategies to help them lead a healthy and positive life, successfully dealing with whatever challenges they encounter along the way. 

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