Kids and Adults

Karate Classes in Reading

If you’re looking for kids and adults’ martial arts classes in Reading, you’ll find a warm welcome at KickFit Tilehurst.

With a range of classes across all age groups, we provide all the support you need to build fitness and learn new skills within a friendly environment. Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to try something new or are seeking a fun way for your kids to get fit; we’ve got classes tailored to every ability.

For kids we offer our Little Champions (ages 4-6), Juniors (6-12) and Cadets (12-14) classes. We also offer teen sessions for older kids (ages 14-16) plus adult classes for those 17 and up.

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Little Champions

Kids Karate for ages 4-6yrs

Discover a great introduction to martial arts for younger children. As well as building physical skills, like co-ordination and balance, this programme helps kids develop intellectual and emotional skills.


Kids Karate for ages 6-12yrs

Our Junior programme offers age-appropriate martial arts tuition to help kids develop physical skills as well as promoting mental wellbeing.


Teens Karate for ages 12-14yrs

For older kids, our Cadets programme prepares young teenagers for new challenges and opportunities. As well as building fitness and teaching self-defence skills, this programme looks at the importance of emotional wellbeing to help kids build confidence and self-esteem. 


Teens Karate for ages 14-16yrs

The KickFit programme for teens helps young adults build physical fitness while improving mental focus with strategies to boost confidence and reduce stress.


Adults Karate for ages 17+

If you’re looking for a complete system for fitness or self-defence through martial arts, you’ll find a warm welcome at KickFit. No matter your current fitness or experience, we’ll provide all the support you need to achieve your personal goals.

To find out more about our martial arts classes for kids and adults in Tilehurst and Reading