Kids and Adults

Karate Classes in Slough

At KickFit Slough, we offer a full range of martial arts programmes for all ages.

Our age-appropriate kids and teens classes teach kids a range of martial arts skills while promoting the importance of respect, discipline and self-belief. Meanwhile, for adults we offer classes for all abilities.

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Little Champions

Kids Karate for ages 4-6yrs

Looking for a fun and rewarding activity for younger children? With age-appropriate tuition, our Little Champions programme gives kids a great introduction to martial arts while teaching a range of skills from fitness to positive behaviour.


Kids Karate for ages 6-12yrs

Help kids build fitness and confidence with the KickFit Juniors programme. With step-by-step tuition, your child will have lots of fun learning martial arts skills while developing useful strategies to cope with any challenging situations they might experience in everyday life.


Teens Karate for ages 12-14yrs

The transition from child to teen isn’t always easy but the KickFit Cadets programme helps kids learn a host of strategies to make the journey easier. From physical fitness to emotional wellbeing, kids will learn in a friendly and positive environment while having lots of fun.


Teens Karate for ages 14-16yrs

From reducing stress to boosting physical fitness, our martial arts programme for teens lets young people develop their skills in a supportive and rewarding environment.


Adults Karate for ages 17+

Whether you’re a complete beginner or are looking to build on your previous martial arts training, we’re here to provide all the instruction and guidance you need.

To find out more about our martial arts classes for kids and adults in Slough