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KickFit HQ News Update

KickFit HQ News Update

Please read all items. 25th September 2020

“I draw so much strength from your kind words and messages of support from our students and parents. All the Senior Instructors are dedicated to giving their best every class. We are working tirelessly to give you the best martial arts lessons, weekly individual student feedback and keeping our venues safe for all. By working together we can continue to train and keep a positive mindset. We are KickFit strong and will get through this together.” Kyoshi Pankiewicz 

1. Please do not send your child to class or attend yourself if unwell with any cough or temperature. Stay at home and train on-line. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees, your instructor will send you home.

2. Inform KickFit immediately, if any family members has been told to self-isolate or is waiting for Covid Test. We have a set series of questions to follow to see if this will affect any other class members or instructors.

3. From Thursday 24 September, KickFit is legally required to log details of students, visitors and staff for NHS Test and Trace. You must book and check into class using the Member App, for this purpose. Adults 16 yrs+ should also scan Track & Trace QR code at the doorway before each class.

4. Parents should message their instructor for a reset code if unable to log into app. Multiple family members can use the same login email and password.

5. New Syllabus from Monday 12th October, Be Ready: Black Belts = Kukri, JR Intermediate & Advanced = Individual Sparring Drills, Adult & Teen Intermediate & Advanced = Double Escrima.

6. From Monday 28 September, Adults 18 years+ and parents, must wear a face covering arriving, moving around and leaving the dojo. Can be taken off once in your workout square (unless you have medical exemption). Instructors will continue to wear face covering while teaching class.

7. This month our message of the week focuses on “School Study Success Tips” Regular martial arts training keeps the body and mind agile. Physical training keeps you focused and develops your positive mindset.

8. Students and parents should not socialise in groups greater than 6, before or after class. The Government Rule of 6 now applies to all social gatherings before and after class. Please continue to wait 2 metres apart and observe social distance regulations. Leave the venue quickly after class.

9. During class your instructor will keep doors and windows open to increase ventilation. KickFit will soon announce a cold weather policy to keep students warm!