Martial arts for kids and adults located at Slough, Langley, Reading, Coley, Wimbledon and Wokingham

KickFit Training is Great for Children

We start with practical self-defence skills, but these skills are more effective when your mind is sharp, so we put a big emphasis on the mental aspects of martial arts.  Kids learn to think fast and focus on what’s most important.  They develop self-discipline and perseverance, and any teacher will tell you, when kids pay attention and stick to their work, they do better at school.

And our students learn how to deal with bullies.  Obviously we teach them how to defend themselves, but we go a big step farther…
We teach our kids how to walk and talk with confidence so that bullies will pick on someone else.  In fact, our programme includes a complete child safety program.
Kids learn how to recognise and avoid dangerous situations and we teach them how to deal with strangers.  And all through the program, we teach character development where they learn good attitude, good habits and good manners.