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Martial Arts Training is a Positive Activity

Martial arts training was frequently mentioned by young people with dyspraxia and their parents/carers as a positive activity with many physical and social benefits.

These include:

  1. Doing martial arts is “cool” and a way of getting children to do physical activities without it being called “therapy”, in particular it can help with: Developing balance, strength and core stability, Improving flexibility and coordination, Developing body and spatial awareness, Improving overall fitness
  2. The moves are often taught in stages, each building on the last one so that skills are developed over time
  3. Martial arts often have clear rules and structures. People with dyspraxia also benefit from the repetition and familiar routines
  4. Increase in self-esteem and confidence – lots of people are successful at football but not so many people have the opportunity to do well in martial arts
  5. Martial arts can help with stress and relaxation
  6. The ethos of martial arts is that each person is as good as the other, and the supportive, nurturing environment can be very beneficial for people with dyspraxia
  7. Opportunity to achieve awards and attend gradings are a great source of satisfaction and a confidence boost
  8. The focus is on individual development. People can start at any age so it is not so obvious when younger children move up grades more quickly.