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Mental Self-Defence


Stress Busting

The ideal way to deal with stress is to get rid of the source of stress in your life. If that isn’t possible, you must find other ways to get rid of stress. Here are some great tips for reducing stress:

Exercise. Studies show that thirty minutes of exercise at least three times a week has immeasurable benefits for one’s health, and can also diminish the level of stress one faces. Exercise can mean training in the martial arts, walking, jogging, cycling, playing a sport such as basketball, swimming, etc.

Diet. Eat a healthy diet, with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. As martial artists you probably already avoid tobacco or excessive alcohol. Consume caffeine only in moderate amounts. Having a healthier lifestyle is a great basis for a stress-free life.

Deep breathing. Taking deep breaths is known for being a great relaxation technique. Breathe in slowly and deeply, holding the breath with your abdomen expanded, and then breathe out slowly. Repeat for about 10 minutes. The point is not just to involve your lungs, but to also involve your diaphragm and abdomen.