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Parents Help Your Child Stick to their Martial Arts Goals

Parent Info on New School Year, New Activities and Homework

With school starting up, your schedules may be getting a bit busier. If your child starts feeling like there just is not enough time in the day, please let us know so we can help. We want to assist you to have your best school year ever and reach your martial arts lessons and goals at the same time. Children are present focused meaning that a new after school activity will always be more attractive than an existing one. Parents, please remind your child of their commitment to earn their Black Belt. What if your child wanted to stop learning how to ride a bike the first time they fell down and you let them? What kind of a lesson would that be? I doubt you would let them.

The same has to be true for the martial arts and the only place outside of school where we work on life skills, strong healthy bodies and the non-quitting spirit. Set your goal to Black Belt and beyond. A University of Leeds study showed that martial arts fitness training improves concentration and focus in children. During every class the physical training drills work on coordination drills, balance, strength