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Perspective Keeping a Proper View of Life

Perspective Keeping a Proper View of Life

To be a true champion, it is important that you grasp the roles and responsibilities of being a Black Belt.Especially hold onto the respect of friends and others who you meet on your road to success. You make yourself a champion and you must accept the responsibility for how you handle the inevitable setbacks along the way.

Courage: The Ability to Withstand Pressure

Courage is a characteristic shared by all Black Belts. It is the quality that drives you to give that something extra when it seems that you can’t give anymore. It makes you perform at your best, even when the slightest error could mean defeat. Courage will keep you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure.


Pride is the quality that makes you unable to settle for second best when you know that with a little more effort you can win. It is that inner feeling that makes you perform at your best every time you perform, even in practice. Be proud of where you stand in life and be proud of your goals.