Martial arts for kids and adults located at Slough, Langley, Reading, Coley, Wimbledon and Wokingham

Setting Goals for Future Success


KickFit instructors are experts in child development.

Our kids learn how to set and achieve goals. Each of our belt ranks has short term goals and all students learn how to work toward a long term goal… earning their black belt. And the moves we teach develop strength, endurance, balance and coordination, so we basically include a fitness program as part of the package. And to keep them coming back, we make sure they enjoy our classes. We want them smiling, sweating and learning in every class.

So we pack a lot into our program. Between the life skills, the physical skills and the focus on setting and achieving goals, our programme puts kids on a path to success. By the time a kid has earned their black belt, they’ve learned that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.