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Supercharged Start to In-person Classes

It's a Mindset

Wow, what a supercharged start to in-person classes. We have loved seeing all our existing legacy students back in class. You are the reason why the Senior Instructors teach class everyday.

We love seeing you progress and enjoy your martial arts training.

As your instructor, we are here to applaud your success and also encourage you when you are “having a wobble”. Everyone gets them and it’s our job as your mentor to understand and help you get back into training.

It’s amazing the number of former students we meet who say they wish they hadn’t quit their martial arts training at KickFit. We try so hard to help you realise your goal.Accept your instructor’s help when it’s offered. We are here for you.

Welcome to our new beginner students starting at KickFit. It’s so good to have you join the team. Enjoy your training.

Welcome returning former students too. Coming back to class is one of the hardest decisions. Now you are back, stay strong!

Kind regards,

Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz 7th Dan