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The Essence of Black Belt

The memory of earning your Black Belt will last a lifetime.
This martial arts honour signifies your personal growth, improved fitness and the ability to stick to a goal and not give up, no matter the challenges you face.

Here are some thoughts on earning their Black Belt from a selection of students

“Sometimes it can be difficult to find the energy to go to class after school, but it is always fine when I arrive.  The low points during training are the frustrations when I get a from wrong.  I know that if I do the form slowly and practice it, I can do better.” MG

“At first, I felt excited to train for martial arts fitness because I needed it most.  During green belt, I felt depressed because I wasn’t doing well, and I was failing my tip tests. Now I am serious about training and think of it as a skill.
If I could earn my black belt, I would feel that a major aim of my life has been fulfilled and I have done something that will help me in the future. I would also think I have done something to be especially proud of.” SS