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Tip Testing: Black Tip

Tip Testing Black Tip

Each belt rank has a minimum number of red tips and training time before a student can test for their next belt rank.
For Junior, teen, adult students: 10 weeks at white, yellow, orange, 15 weeks at green through advanced purple, 20 weeks at brown through advanced red.

Students testing for their next belt rank will usually be required to perform their curriculum individually in-front of their instructor. If the student successfully passes, they will be awarded a black tip at the end of their belt. Only those students who have passed their test will be allowed to attend the school’s Belt Graduation Ceremony.

A completed Intent to Promote Form signed by both parent and school teacher must be handed in before the Belt Graduation ceremony.
A student may not pass their test first time. Their instructor will give feedback to them and their parent for home practice. Lower grade students will usually attempt the same test the next time they attend class; higher grades may need to wait a further 5 weeks before testing again.

Students are encouraged to bring family and friends to watch them perform at the Belt Graduation Ceremony and witness their promotion to the next belt rank.