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When practice becomes inconsistent making excuses for staying away becomes easier

I have been fortunate to teach martial arts skills to children and adults for 33 years. Across the world, I have found the students in my lessons to be dedicated and enthusiastic to train.

However, one of the main reasons why I see students quit training is the lack of consistent attendance in class. When you don’t attend regularly, you will not see progress so your interest quickly drifts away.

As a student, you need to practice Patience. Unfortunately, our ‘instant now culture’ hides the fact that anything worth striving for takes time, effort and dedication. Martial arts training teaches you these skills for personal success in any area of life.

Everyone who starts martial arts training has always wanted to be a student and progress to Black Belt and beyond. Don’t let your dream fade away and resolve to make progress step by step.

Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz KickFit Founder.